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«After a disc herniation and shoulder surgery, Luc helped me to be pain-free once again. Luc follows a holistic approach and can use the Rolfing method to permanently loosen "glued" fascia, thereby improving mobility and reducing pain. Luc also helped me improve my posture (standing and walking). I only tried Rolfing after several years of experience with chiropractics and physical therapy. These methods have their place, but especially for the finishing touches and the really difficult things, Luc achieved amazing results in a short amount of time. I can only recommend Luc!”
Simon Moser, Zurich
«Hey Luc! My arm was just x-rayed a second time and it is definitely broken. I have no idea how the initial x-rays missed this. The doctor said that I don't need surgery and that the arm will heal on its own since the fracture is so well aligned. He also said he was very amazed at how good the alignment was considering the severity of the fracture. I am absolutely convinced that this is only the case because you aligned the bones so well. I am eternally grateful to you for that. My broken arm wouldn’t have healed so well without your work.»
Katy Meek, Alaska, USA

«Since the beginning of my menopause, I had progressively

massive restrictions from the knee to the hip. I began a 10-year search for a suitable healing method. Luc was able to resolve the chronic pain after a few treatments. Now he helps me to release the posture and stabilise my movement. For me it is absolute luck to have met Luc and his Rolfing method. I trust him and appreciate his expertise. Absolutely recommendable!»

Andrea Reisner, Oetwil a. d. Limmat

This is what Luc's clients say

«I had pain in my knees, left hip, lower back and right shoulder.
After just a few sessions I felt a significant improvement, and now the knee pain is gone and the back pain at night is significantly less. Luc also taught me a different way of walking that produces less back pain. Highly recommended!

Ralph Höfliger, Küsnacht

«I told Luc about the pain in my forearm, which probably comes from typing so much on the computer. He treated my arm with a few strokes. Much to my surprise, I immediately felt immense relief from the pain that had plagued me for years. This was incredible for me because I had tried everything possible without success. Now I felt a noticeable improvement after just one session. Thank you Luc for introducing me to Rolfing and improving my quality of life!»
Ana Catarina Brandemburg, Brasília
«I had knee surgery in 2014 and an artificial knee joint inserted; The operation didn't go well, nor did the aftercare. Since then, I have been trying to improve my well-being and the flexibility of my lower leg with various therapies and methods. 

On my healing way I found Luc, which gave me hope once again. He's a great scar and fascia therapist. In each and every session we advance a little further and my mobility increases. The pain has been reduced drastically. I can climb stairs again without getting my foot caught!! I am very grateful and happy that I found Luc.»
Gudrun Schmid, Zurich
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