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Welcome to Rolfing reLuc

Has your body become unbalanced due to the demands of life? Is it tight here, is it painful there? No problem – with the manual method Rolfing® reLuc supports you in guiding your body back to balance. With targeted manual techniques Luc will release your fascia wherever it is stuck, hardened or deformed. This reduces chronic pain and increases mobility. 

Using additional movement analysis, you will learn to perceive your own body more consciously, finally get rid of old patterns and maintain the results in the long term. In doing so, you will optimize your posture, refine your self-awareness and increase your vitality.

Rolfing helps with

«With Rolfing, Luc managed to identify the cause of my decades-long back pain. He also showed me ways to limit and eliminate them in the long term by actively changing my posture.”

Albin Kälin, Widnau

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